Compliance Program

Ethics and integrity are two intrinsic factors in Jaguar’s everyday activities. In a business environment where change is constant, it is essential to maintain an honest, transparent and respectful culture.

The Company has structured its Compliance Program with guidelines to ensure the highest standards of ethics and transparency in all relationships, whether internal or external, focused on fighting corruption and bribery.

The establishment of procedures and controls can prevent, correct and mitigate possible risks that the Company could be exposed to. Therefore, the Company is focused on promoting a culture of integrity, based on strong values and focused on sustainable development.

Jaguar abides by good corporate governance practices and believes that compliance and responsibility is a central component of company culture that start at the top. 

The Company’s Board of Directors is committed to the implementation, development, maintenance and continuous improvement of its Compliance Program, focused on:

  • Fighting corruption and bribery
  • Strengthening and encouraging integrity and ethical relationship
  • Collaborating with a growing more just society


Jaguar seeks to ensure the highest levels of corporate integrity, transparency and ethics in all of its relationships.

The Company's corporate policies can be found below:





The Company conducts an ARC Annual Report to address the following topics:

  • Scope of the Annual Internal Audit Planning, which mentions the audits conducted to ensure the execution of operations in compliance with internal policies and procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Risk management carried out in line with Jaguar's Risk Management Policy, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring that operations are conducted safely and responsibly.
  • Jaguar's Compliance Program and its pillars, with details of Communication and Training information, carried out throughout the year.
  • Information on the Whistleblower Hotline, with the number of reports received and the main themes.