MTL Complex

The MTL Complex includes the Turmalina gold mine, plant and Faina project and is located 110 kilometres west of the city of Belo Horizonte.


Turmalina is an underground gold mine that predominantly utilizes sub-level stoping as a mining method. Backfilling is completed using loose rockfill or cemented paste depending upon the situation. Turmalina is adapting its production profile to utilize the shallower C-zone orebodies on a much larger scale than in prior years. Planning and execution within the C-zone orebodies have enabled savings from shorter hauls and faster cycle times compared to average levels mined over the last two years. 

The Turmalina processing plant is onsite, has a 3,000 tonnes per day grinding capacity, and is located within 200 metres of the C-zone portal. The plant begins with primary and secondary crushing, feeding a crushed-ore bin. The ore bin can feed any of the three ball mill circuits. The plant currently operates only Mill #3, supplemented by Mill #1 when needed, which can easily handle current and expected mined tonnage rates. The ball mills feed pulverized ore to a carbon-in-pulp  circuit. Tailings are sent to a filtration system from which they can be provided to the paste plant for backfill or be diverted to a dry-stack area.