Eric Duarte

Eric Duarte

VP Operations

Eric came to Jaguar Mining with an executive background in operations and project management . He has 20+ years of experience in the international mining Industry, having worked in the USA, South Africa, Australia, and Tanzania. Eric has in-depth knowledge gleaned from managing both underground and open-pit mining operations with an emphasis on safety, strategic planning, production, management of performance indicators, process improvement and multi-year budgeting. He has shown himself to be to leader in developing multidisciplinary teams, implementing projects, managing complex production processes, negotiating contracts and overseeing high value budgets. Eric graduated with a degree in Geology with post-graduate degrees in Business Administration/Management from the University of Cape Town. He also attended C-Level training and Executive management courses at Harvard Business School and the Stanford Business School. Eric joined Jaguar in 2017 as GM Operations at the CCA complex, and was promoted to VP Operations in 2019.